was born in our minds ages ago and was established in 2015 to produce the highest quality artistic tattoos.
The Tattoo Shop is based in Earl Shilton/ Leicestershire now.

To get Our clients best Possible Idea – Projects have been done without restriction.
For best results, the design process requires flexibility and creative freedom.

We are the best place to come to.
Our tattoo artist will develop your idea. Your dream tattoo will become to reality.

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Hi all,
Following the lockdown, Shop will be closed until further notice.
All bookings will be postponed to a later date, and deposits will be put forward for the new appointments.
Stay safe and we’ll see you all soon.

We have now added our own online shop to the website and as it stands we have special offers on Light Ink Tattoo T-shirt. We will be adding more products very soon including more clothing and art related items so keep an eye out on the news page.

We are now accept card payment via SumUp card reader.


The studio offers tattooing by Tattooists with years of experience in UK and often do tattooing guest spotting in other countries.
Process of tattooing is based on your idea. After deposit payment and booking confirmation design we will be created with the artist in the day of your appointment.

  • Your Idea
  • Sketch
  • Pricing
  • Tattooing


We do custom tattoos according to your needs. Bring in your ideas and our professional tattooists at Light Ink Tattoo will assist you in making sure you receive the tattoo you’ll be proud to wear for the rest of your life.

from our shop

Tattoo Goo Lotion

0 out of 5

This is a water based formula that helps to restore your skins moisture balance while boosting the healing process to ensure quicker healing and better looking tattoos. This offers a completely non-greasy solution that will absorb quickly and deeply into the skin to provide you with long lasting protection, not only against dryness but against bacteria too. This is an excellent solution, given that it contains all of the essential healing ingredients without any of the negative additions; there is no petroleum to clog the pores, and it smells considerably better than petroleum based products but does not contain any additional dyes or fragrances.

Tattoo Goo Original

0 out of 5

Tattoo Goo is both pharmacist and dermatologist approved, meaning that it will suit a wide variety of customers and ensure that their tattoos will heal properly. Tattoo Goo promotes faster healing times, as well as reduced itching and discomfort during the process. This can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of the tattoo once it has healed, as itching and scratching the sensitive skin can easily damage and distort the tattoo’s design. This formula is enriched with a variety of vitamins to ensure that your skin gains the nutrients it needs to heal quickly and thoroughly. Tattoo Goo can also be used for minor skin irritations such as scrapes, bruises, windburn and sunburn.

Panthenols Tattoo Aftercare

0 out of 5

The Panthenols Tattoo Aftercare Cream, is a specialist skincare cream for irritated and sensitive skin.
It is an ideal and effective solution for skin care, after a tattoo.

Packaging: 30 ml


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